A Few Lifestyle Tips To Encourage Healthy Living

By The Honey Pot Company

A Few Lifestyle Tips To Encourage Healthy Living

One of our overall goals at Honey Pot is to ensure we all live healthy lives - the natural way. Unfortunately our society has made it very difficult to easily live healthy, so we have to work smarter to be healthy. The Honey Pot's complete feminine care system was born out of the desire to rid infection the natural way, so to keep up with that trend, today’s blog will focus on a few smart, natural ways to increase health and encourage a healthy lifestyle.

Drink Water

The human body is comprised of more than 60% water. When you think about all of the cells that make up our bones, muscles, tendons, etc., 60% of those as water cells is a large amount. Moreover, the brain and other muscles consist of 75% water, while your blood is 92% water. It is essential to good health. A lack of water can cause your body to deteriorate. To maintain your best health, drink half as much water in oz. as you weigh in lbs. Here’s an easy math example: if you weigh 100 lbs., your body needs 50 oz. of water per day for your best health.

Eat Clean 

A common vice in our country is eating very unhealthy food. As we said before, society makes it very difficult to live a naturally healthy life. Fast food is unhealthy, but it is cheap and convenient so people eat it. We recommend eating local meat and produce that was raised naturally and organically. Eating clean helps you balance your diet so your body receives the variety of nutrients it needs to thrive.

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