Mothers - Teach Your Daughters Proper Feminine Care

By The Honey Pot Company

Mothers - Teach Your Daughters Proper Feminine Care

One of the most beautiful parts of a woman’s life is bearing children. Mothers have an exceptional bond with daughters that can only be compared by another mother-daughter pair. While no two relationships are alike, we feel we can collectively say that it is the mother’s job to teach feminine hygiene and share the proper way to care for our honey pots; we are all connected in this way.

A mother is the first role model to her daughters, so it’s important to teach good, caring, healthy habits about our honey pots. All too often, mothers are not equipped with the proper tools to help educate daughters about proper feminine hygiene and health care, so daughters are growing up trying to figure it out independently or turning to resources like the media, friends, and classmates. For this reason, we’ve created a sensitive feminine wash.

We are here for you, Mothers!

We created a low-concentrated wash to maintain a balanced pH level for a healthy life. This is a gentle intimate wash meant for girls aged 4 - 12. Start teaching your daughters how to properly care for their honey pots at a young age so that it becomes a habit. We also imagine you teaching proper female hygiene and health to your daughters so that it opens up your relationship for all dialogue between you and your daughters. Start your daughters’ young feminine care with a bottle of feminine wash and watch them grow into happy, healthy, clean women.