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Adapto-What? And Do You Need Them?

By The Honey Pot Company

Adapto-What? And Do You Need Them?

There is an infinite list of emerging wellness trends, and where to start seems daunting, but you’re eager. Lately, we’ve started hearing more about adaptogens, but what are adaptogens and what do they do?

Used for centuries in Ayurveda (a natural alternative and holistic medicine developed in India) and Chinese medicine, adaptogens are herbs that work in the body to reduce both natural and external stressors. Offering many different benefits, they can do everything from fight fatigue, boost your sex drive, and even help you get a better night of sleep. These are some things that are often compromised when stress levels rise, causing the stress hormone cortisol to also steadily rise in your body. When consumed properly, adaptogens help the body resist and adapt to stress. 

Below are a few of the most popular adaptogens (and some of our personal faves) for stress and hormonal balance:

Ashwangdha – One of the most important  adaptogens used in Ayurvedic medicine, ashwagandha can be beneficial in reducing anxiety and stress by supporting the adrenal glands. Offering feelings of calm and rest, it can also help with sleep. 

Amla – Derived from a berry, it protects against free radicals, is high in Vitamin C (which can improve skin texture) and is anti-inflammatory. It’s great in oil form for hair and scalp care. 

Rhodiola (aka “Golden Root”) – reduces fatigue and exhaustion. It can also improve performance and endurance during exercise.  

Holy Basil/Tulsi – used to treat colds, coughs, and other respiratory issues. It can also relieve digestive gas and bloating. It helps the body to maintain balance and have energy throughout the day, and fall asleep at night. 

Interested in adding adaptogens to your routine? These power herbs come in a variety of forms. Do your research and consult with your doctor to find out what may be best to boost your well-being! We love to explore herbs and adaptogens at Anima Mundi and Moodbeli.