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How Organic Tampons Compare to Non-Organic

By Alexander Abraham

How Organic Tampons Compare to Non-Organic

It’s estimated that the average woman will use close to 10,000 tampons in her lifetime! Since they are inserted into the vagina, they are often a more convenient option for swimming, exercise, daily activities, and a popular menstrual hygiene product. Considering the fact that they come in direct contact with a delicate and absorbent part of your body, what exactly is in them? 

Unfortunately, the FDA does not require feminine hygiene companies to disclose their ingredients on product packaging. Most conventional and non-organic tampons are created with synthetic materials including cotton that has been sprayed with pesticides and chemicals like formaldehyde and chlorine, as well as irritating fragrance. 

We want to eliminate the infections, irritation, cramps, and more issues that can stem from toxins in tampons. Our natural organic tampons are created with organic cotton, grown without any pesticides or chemicals. All of our natural cotton tampons are also fragrance-free and are wrapped in a BPA-free plastic applicator. We also proudly list all ingredients on the box. We believe everyone should have a healthy period and know what they are putting in their body. That’s why we are continuing to innovate new ways to make our tampons even cleaner and sustainable, and are proud to announce that we will be launching a new tampon later this year.

The benefits of organic tampons make a big difference. Using all-natural tampons can help to alleviate many of the issues most women associate with their periods. Read more about our toxin-free feminine products now!