How We Compare to the Other Guys

By The Honey Pot Company

How We Compare to the Other Guys

Plenty of options exist for women to choose from in the feminine care aisle, but there are also a lot of toxic and dangerous chemicals lurking there.

The vagina is a mucous membrane, meaning anything you put next to it or on it will be absorbed and end up in your bloodstream. Most conventional menstrual products are made with cotton that has been sprayed with pesticides and chemicals like formaldehyde and chlorine! It’s no surprise why so many women find themselves developing yeast and bacterial infections following their periods. In addition to infections, the toxins found in most conventional products can also cause frustrating menstrual irregularities like heavy bleeding, clotting and more. Our natural menstruation products are chemical and pesticide free and made with natural ingredients to soothe any irritation caused by your period. Our herbal blend of essential oils also helps to prevent any infection.

We take the guesswork out of stressing and wondering “what’s in my tampon, pad or feminine wash.” Committed to transparency, all our products list each ingredient on the packaging. Honey Pot all-natural feminine products were formulated and perfected in our founder’s kitchen using natural ingredients. She first used this blend to heal herself, after years of battling persistent bacterial vaginosis, and now it’s accessible to everyone.

Everyone deserves to have a happy honeypot which is why we made the first complete feminine care system powered by herbs. Our herbal feminine products are made by women with vaginas, for women with vaginas, since it takes one to know one!