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On Motherhood...

By The Honey Pot Company

On Motherhood...

Here at The Honey Pot we celebrate motherhood everyday and in all forms– yep, we see you plant and fur mamas!

While bringing human life into this world is just one way to become a mother, there are many others...and we also know that pregnancy and the post-partum experience comes with its own unique set of challenges. To breastfeed or not? Snoo or no Snoo? Finding yourself taking longer than the standardized 6 weeks to heal down there? What will your first post-partum period be like? Are you really going to have hemorrhoids? Yeah, there is a lot to consider and so much that we almost prefer to leave unanswered. 

You are not alone. In addition to bringing new life into the world, both you and your body are adapting to a new way of existing. Too often, our society focuses on ‘snapping back’ after birth instead of educating expectant and new moms. One example, did you know you will have vaginal bleeding regardless of how you delivered? It makes no difference if your new bundle arrived via c-section or vaginally, your body will pass blood, mucous discharge and tissue known as Lochia for (on average) six weeks after birth. 

We created our line of mommy-to-be hygiene products to help build you up during this time. Featuring a soothing cleanser, wipes and pads (which are perfect for your hospital bag and making post-postpartum padsicles) this collection has everything you need and is made with naturally-derived ingredients. Most importantly, all of our pregnancy and post-partum care products are gentle. One less thing to worry about during the pregnancy journey.

Take some time to nourish you and your soul. We encourage you all to give to yourselves in the same way that you do for someone else. You deserve it. We’re here for you Mama, you got this. 

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