The 411 on Glycerin and Colloidal Silver

By The Honey Pot Company

The 411 on Glycerin and Colloidal Silver

Whether you’re a new customer, or you’ve been loyal to The Honey Pot from day one, you may have noticed two new ingredients in our washes: Glycerin and Colloidal Silver. We know our consumers are interested in learning more about the ingredients in the products they’re purchasing. We strive to inform and are committed to staying transparent about any ingredient changes. Learn more about the two newest additions below:


Glycerin is the carrier agent that helps our blend of essential oils function properly within our washes. However, it comprises less than 1% of the formula, which means it is not an active ingredient. Active ingredients are listed first on the product packaging as they are included at a much larger concentration.

While many of the conventional feminine care products use glycerin in their formulations, the glycerin in our formulas is so minimal that it is counteracted by the essential oils and plant botanicals. Because of this, there is little to no effect caused by the glycerin for most Honeypot users. Although, it is a very small amount, if you are allergic to glycerin, we do not recommend using our washes.

Colloidal Silver

Colloidal silver is distilled water that has been activated by silver via an electric current. When the electrified silver connects to the water it creates mineralized atoms that in turn creates the colloidal silver. It is also mother nature’s healthy antibiotic. We added it to our feminine wash formulas to help balance the glycerin and to strengthen the antimicrobial and antibacterial capabilities of our wash. This is an excellent ingredient because it kills the bad bacteria that causes yeast and bacterial infections, while keeping the vagina’s natural and good bacteria healthy and intact.

Knowledge is power, and we welcome all consumers to speak up with any questions or concerns!