What You Didn’t Know About Pads

By The Honey Pot Company

What You Didn’t Know About Pads
It’s that time of the month and you’re reaching under your bathroom sink for your menstrual pads. Most women don’t realize the truth about what’s lurking in those conventional pads.
  1. Most conventional pads are manufactured using cotton sprayed with pesticides.
  2. They are also bleached with chlorine which sits atop the pad as toxic residue. 
  3. The toxic chemicals in pads are absorbed into the body with each use.
  4. Storing your pads in the bathroom can lead to an increase of bacteria due to the high levels of moisture and humidity.
  5. Store your pads in the linen closet or another cool, dry place.
  6. Change your pads every 2-4 hours depending on your flow.
  7. If you soak through a pad within an hour, you need to go to urgent care as this is considered excessive bleeding.
We recommend making the switch from conventional pads to using a healthy, natural pad made with chlorine and pesticide-free cotton (hyperlink to our pads page). Making the switch means eliminating exposure to potentially harmful toxins which can cause menstrual irregularities including heavy bleeding, clotting and more.