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Why Your Natural Fragrance Matters

By The Honey Pot Company

Why Your Natural Fragrance Matters

Honey Pot products are proudly plant-powered and derived from herbs. These herbs have the power to cool, soothe and provide a natural fragrance. During your period, after a workout or just a long day, we know that know the one, that maybe things smell a little less than um “fresh” down there. Unfortunately, we live in a society that believes a vagina should look and smell like a flower. So, we are bombarded with lots of feminine products suggesting we cover up these ‘odors.’ Spoiler alert: your vagina shouldn’t smell like a flower, and you shouldn’t subject yourself to the chemicals found in many “odor-blocking” products. 

And it’s no surprise that synthetic fragrances are the number #1 source for skin irritation and issues. They also contain phthalates (industrial chemicals found in many mainstream cosmetic and personal care products) that disrupt hormones, the endocrine system and are even linked to certain kinds of cancer and reproductive issues. Fragrances are absorbed through the skin directly into the bloodstream. 

Instead of masking your natural vaginal smell, we created our refreshing feminine hygiene spray, to be used on panties (of course), but also shoes, underarms - wherever you want a spritz! It’s available in two intoxicating and chemical free scents; lavender and jasmine. Both have a magical natural aroma and are gentle enough for your most sensitive areas. Oh, and did we mention? Both scents are also considered an aphrodisiac – you’re welcome, and you are free to spray away, all day. 

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