What Is A Yeast Infection, And How Can I Prevent It The Natural Way?

By: The Honey Pot Company

A yeast infection is scientifically known as candidiasis because it is a fungal infection caused by candida that typically resides on mucus membranes and the skin. Candida is a genus of yeast that acts as a pathogen in part of the normal flora for the female genital tract, respiratory, and gastrointestinal mucous membranes. Normal numbers of candida are low on average (which is healthy), but at times of low immunity system health or with open, damaged skin, candida numbers can grow, thus causing a fungal infection. Luckily, there are a number of yeast infection products you can turn to for better prevention!

As mentioned, yeast infections can occur in instances of dry skin. Therefore, the common yeast infection prevention method for a dry honey pot is to moisturize! We recommend using organic coconut oil after showering. Using clean fingers, rub a small amount on your labia after toweling off. The oil should only be used externally. 

A daily probiotic supplement is another way to prevent the overgrowth of yeast. This can also be supplemented by eating yogurt and other foods rich in probiotics and healthy bacteria for an added layer of imbalance prevention. 

Preventing yeast infections naturally is easy with the right feminine hygiene products. Daily cleansing with our pH balancing washes, wipes, and products for yeast infection should also be a part of your routine. A key ingredient in The Honey Pot Co.'s all-natural feminine washes is the Shatavari Root Extract, which increases cervical mucous and is a reproductive herb; meaning it will continue to fight for good health even following the application. All types of our Honey Pot feminine wash were created to balance the pH levels of your vagina in order to further prevent infection. Not sure what line for yeast infection prevention is best for you?

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Lastly, good feminine hygiene habits can go a long way. Natural yeast infection remedies, such as wearing cotton panties and avoiding feminine care products and soaps that contain perfumes, dyes, and other ingredients that can throw off pH balance are hugely important for those suffering from chronic yeast infections. 

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