Sex on Your Period

By: The Honey Pot Company

You know the’s that time of the month, but you also feel like it’s time to get it on. But can you have sex while on your period? Of course! Just because you are on your period doesn’t mean you have to skip sex. All kinds of natural fluids come along with intercourse so if you and your partner feel comfortable doing so there’s no reason you can’t have sex while you’re on your period. Menstrual blood is nothing more than another natural bodily fluid.

Having sex while on your period can make things a bit messy though. If you opt to stay and play in bed, set down a towel on your sheets beforehand to absorb any stains. Or take your menstrual sex sesh to the shower, that way the water will wash away any residual blood and you’ll have minimal clean-up afterwards. Another plus is your menstrual blood works as a natural lubricant. Our all-natural feminine wipes and refreshing panty spray are perfect for a quick clean-up before and after playtime to keep you feeling your freshest and ready to go!

If you’re caught in the moment, be sure you remove a tampon if you have one in and always use a condom. Even though it’s not as likely that you will get pregnant while on your period, it’s still a possibility. Your cervix is also a bit more open during your period so you could be at a higher risk of sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Protect yourself and enjoy some of the benefits that sex during your period has been known to help like alleviating period cramps and headaches.

I hope these period sex tips helped! Remember, it’s completely safe and normal to have sex while on your period, as long as it’s comfortable to you, your partner and not painful. Make peace with period sex by knowing different ways about how to have sex on your period and have fun!

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