Travel Bag Essentials

By: The Honey Pot Company

We recently shared some hacks for traveling while on your period, but if you are planning your travels for the holidays or just a weekend getaway, we recommend always having your bag filled with Honey Pot goods. Take your women's travel toiletries wherever you may be headed in our new limited-edition artisan travel bag. This canvas bag features original designs from award-winning illustrator Kelly Bastow and can fit up to four or five of our travel essentials for women.

Available in TSA-approved size, our women's travel essentials which include washes, wipes and pantiliners + a pad, are ready to go wherever your travels may take you. The smaller size makes it easy for you to stay prepared and keep these TSA-size toiletries accessible and with you in your carry-on, if you are flying. There’s nothing worse than realizing you need something only to remember it’s in your checked bag, or even worse, your luggage was lost or delayed from the airline.  

Outside of flights, we recommend always keeping our 15-ct travel pack of feminine wipes on-hand. In your purse, gym bag, car, you name it, it's always useful to have travel essential toiletries around! There is nothing like a swipe of our wipes to freshen up on-the go. Having our washes to use in-conjunction with the wipes, when you get where you’re going, will also help minimize bacteria which can happen from the extra sweat, stress and prolonged sitting that can occur with travel.

One last travel (and everyday reminder), drink lots of water. Traveling can be very drying and dehydrating. Up your water intake to combat bloating, headaches and to help maintain overall well-being. A hydrated honeypot is a happy one! 


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