Glamour 2023

Organic Regular Tampons

The perfect coverage for light and regular days


Organic Super Tampons

Extra protection for medium and heavy days

Glamour 2023

Organic Duo-Pack Tampons

Stay protected, no matter your flow

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Period Care Ritual
Period Care Ritual
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Period Care Ritual

Only the good stuff

Make Peace with your period™

Our Organic Cotton Cover Menstrual Pads go the extra mile to soothe and support during your most needed moments. Designed to provide absorbency without leakage and all day fresh. Have a more peaceful period with herbal-infused sanitary pads infused with lavender, rose, aloe vera, and mint essential oils to create a "cooling" sensation. Whether you prefer to use menstrual cups, tampons or pads, we have the feminine care products you need.

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