Limited Edition: Uterus Necklace

$23.99 USD

Slay all day in this gold-plated, statement uterus necklace that celebrates womanhood like never before. This limited-edition gold feminist necklace is handmade by two female designers who hope their uterus jewelry will be worn as a source of inspiration and pride for women everywhere. Get your uterus pendant before it's gone!

"We love the fact that we can collaborate in making a female-led community that is based on empowering and uniting strong young women around the world." -Designers Yuli and Dalit

✓ Handmade

✓ Limited edition

✓ Length: 21.5"/55 cm

✓ Brass with gold plating

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"I'm so excited you can now show your pride for being a human with a vagina with our fun merchandise. It's not just about feminine care, it's a way of life."

Bea, Founder/CEO of The Honey Pot Company

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