Managing Menopause-Related Body Odor: Causes and Support

Managing Menopause-Related Body Odor: Causes and Support

By: The Honey Pot Company

Have you ever caught a whiff of something off during menopause and wondered, “Is it just me?” Nope, it’s definitely not just you! Menopause can bring a whole carnival of changes — and body odor is one of the ticket-holders.

Here at The Honey Pot, we’re diving into why this happens and how you can handle it better. So, if you’re stepping into a brand-new aromatic era of menopause, don’t sweat it — just keep reading. 


What’s Menopause?

Despite what some may think, menopause isn’t just a pause in menstruation — it’s a full stop. Usually happening in the 40s or 50s, it’s the natural decline of reproductive hormones when your ovaries say, “I’m out.” This shift is a perfectly normal part of aging, marking the end of one’s “baby-making” years. 


The Signs and Symptoms of Menopause

Menopause doesn’t tiptoe quietly into your life — it comes with a band! Beyond the well-known hot flashes, this period can stir up a whole mix of symptoms that might have you feeling like your body’s on a bit of a rollercoaster. 

Here’s the rundown:

  • Irregular Periods: As your body shifts down on hormone production, your periods might become unpredictable. 
  • Night Sweats and Sleep Issues: One minute you’re too hot, the next you’re too cold. Night sweats can seriously put a damper on your sleep, which might leave you feeling like a zombie during the day.
  • Mood Swings: It’s not just you — your hormones might be having their own little party, affecting your emotions and leaving you feeling a bit more up and down than usual.
  • Changes in Libido: The hormonal upheaval can also tinker with your sex drive, often dialing it down a notch.

It’s important to keep in mind that everyone’s ride through menopause is different. What your bestie experiences could be a far cry from your journey. Stay in the know, so that if something unexpected pops up, you’re ready to take it in stride. 


Does Menopause Change Your Body Odor?

Oh, absolutely! If you’ve noticed a new, maybe not-so-welcome scents wafting up as you hit menopause, you’re not alone. It’s one of those lesser talked-about symptoms, but it’s totally normal and quite common. 



During menopause, your body undergoes a lot of hormonal changes, especially with estrogen levels taking a bit of a nosedive. This tumultuous hormonal journey can kick your sweat glands into overdrive, particularly around the chest, underarms, and even the groin. 

This isn’t your garden-variety sweat, either. Because your body’s regulation is all over the place, thanks to those plunging hormone levels, this sweat can mix with the natural bacteria on your skin for a new brand of body odor.

The smell? It might be sharper, perhaps a bit muskier than you’re used to — kind of like how your body odor changes after a super intense gym session, but without the satisfaction of having worked out. It’s like your body’s way of announcing, “Hey, we’re going through some changes here!”


How Can You Keep Menopause-Related Body Odor at Bay?

Now that you’re clued in on the why behind the extra odor during menopause, what can you do to keep things fresh? 

Let’s dive into some tips and tricks:


Step Up Your Game

Who said you have to settle for feeling less than fresh? Lather daily with something gentle and kind to your skin — like our Coconut Shea Hydrating Body Cleanser. Think of it as your very own spa day, keeping everything cool, calm, and collected without turning your pH into a science project.


Choose Your Wardrobe Wisely

Ever think about how your clothes could be part of the odor equation? Let’s flip the script — ditch those synthetics and cozy up with fabrics that breathe like cotton and bamboo. They’re not just comfy — they’re your new besties for wicking away extra moisture without holding onto odors.


Go Natural With Deodorants

Natural deodorants are in — and we’re totally here for it. Look for ones without aluminum, which can mess with your natural sweating process. Our Panty and Body Plant-Derived Deodorant Spray not only smells like a dream but also keeps you feeling dreamy without blocking your body’s natural groove. 


Work It Out

Getting your sweat on with some regular exercise can actually help manage body odor. How? Simple — by boosting circulation and toxin expulsion. Just make sure to shower off after your gym time to keep things fresh. 


Eat Smart

We are what we eat, right? Some foods can turn up the heat on your personal fragrance. Heavy on garlic or spices? That might just sneak out in your sweat. Swap to fresher plates filled with fruits and veggies. They’re not just good for your body — they help keep that sweat less dramatic. 


Sip on Sage

Herbs aren’t just for cooking — they’ve got your back when it comes to body odor, too. Sipping on some sage tea might just keep those sweat smells in check. Look at it as an herbal hug for your body, keeping things happy, healthy, and balanced. Pop a kettle on and let it work its magic!


Keep It Dry

Moisture is the playground of odors. Our Organic Cotton Cover Everyday Liners can be a discreet lifesaver, absorbing excess moisture and keeping you dry and comfortable.


Chill Out

Believe it or not, stress can kick those sweat glands into overdrive. Yup, it’s true. Find your zen with yoga, meditation, or whatever chills you out. Lower stress = less sweat and less odor. 


Balance From Within

It turns out that what’s happening in your digestive tract has a say in what’s wafting up from below. Adding some probiotics to your diet can help balance your gut buddies, which might just tame any funky odors trying to cramp your style. Yogurt, kombucha, or a quality probiotic supplement can do the trick.


Check Your Meds

Some medications can make you sweat more. If you think your prescriptions are turning up the heat, talk to your healthcare provider about it. There might be alternatives that won’t make you feel like a walking sauna. 


When Should You Seek Medical Advice for Menopause Symptoms?

Caught in the swirl of menopause changes and feeling overwhelmed? It’s time to talk to the pros. If those hot flashes feel more like heat waves or the night sweats and mood swings are turning your world upside down, it might be more than just your body adjusting. 

And when it comes to body odor, if all the showers and natural remedies aren’t cutting it, this could be a sign of something needing a closer look. In short, don’t play the guessing game with your health. Seeking medical advice is key to navigating this chapter with confidence. 



So, does menopause have to mean a lifetime subscription to unexpected whiffs? Absolutely not! It’s all about understanding your body’s new rhythm and keeping in sync with it. From switching up your hygiene routine with our kind-to-skin products to choosing the right fabrics and foods, there are plenty of ways to stay fresh.

At The Honey Pot, we’re here to support you with products designed to be gentle and effective — because we know it’s about feeling good, smelling fresh, and embracing every phase of life with confidence. Dive into a new era of personal care that honors your body’s natural changes.

Let’s keep it fresh, simply.


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