The Honey Potluck Podcast

For humans with vaginas
— and their friends

We built this podcast (The Honey Potluck) to create a space for contrasting points of views, life experiences, and expertise to exist in communication. It’s like being at a dinner party with people you’re interested in learning more about and by the end of the night are like family.

Made by humans with vaginas for humans with vaginas®

Made by humans with vaginas for humans with vaginas®

The Future of Feminine Care™

The Future of Feminine Care™

Hosted by Beatrice Dixon & Giovanna Alfieri

Honey Pot is more than the products in your bathroom cabinet.

It’s embracing that time of the month. It’s staying balanced through the ups and downs, good sex and bad sex. It’s exploring. It’s learning. And sitting down at the table of aunties, cousins, and friends who will tell you like it is. It’s about feeding the soul.

Grab a plate and join us for the potluck.

"Our goal is to empower humans and make them feel more comfortable about the multitude of experiences one has when having a vagina."

— Giovanna Alfieri

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