Intimacy Cleansing Wipes

Wipes for mess-free sex

Vulva Stimulating Serum

Designed for a stimulating experience

Health 2023

Organic Agave Moisturizing Lubricant

Long-lasting hydration

CEW 2021 Large

Organic Strawberry Moisturizing Lubricant

Long-lasting hydration


Silicone Hybrid Lubricant

Long-lasting pleasure and glide

Save 10%
Pleasure Ritual See details

Pleasure Ritual

Support in those tender, intimate moments

Save 10%
Sex Ritual See details

Sex Ritual

Vaginal care is sexy

Save 10%
Pleasure Ritual - Silicone Hybrid See details

Pleasure Ritual - Silicone Hybrid

Support in those tender, intimate moments

Create a start-to-finish sexual wellness routine

While sex can be fun, it can also be super disruptive for the vaginal ecosystem. If you’re wanting to explore your sexual wellness, but have been too afraid to create chaos for your sensitive skin, adding our lubricants into the mix can be a great, hypoallergenic option (did we mention it’s pH balancing?) And for before or after sex? We’ve got you covered with proactive and reactive products that will keep things in check.

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