The Pulse Lab

The Pulse Lab

By: The Honey Pot Company

 What Health Class Didn't Teach Us About Periods

The 101 on periods we ALL need. Welcome to the Pulse Lab, today we're learning about Auntie Flo! Forget the stigmas and let's get real about what's going on every 28 days including hormones, blood clots, how to insert a tampon, and more. At the Honey Pot Company, we believe in unfiltered education so let's get into it. More questions about your menstrual cycle?! Drop them below and see you for episode 2 when we learn about the science behind period discomfort.

It's printed on shampoo bottles, body wash, and all the gynecologists keep talkin' about it...but what is pH?! When it comes to maintaining your vaginal and overall wellness, it all comes back to this measure for your microbiome. We've brought in an OBGYN, Dr. Renita F. White, MD to answer all of our burning questions (sometimes literally) on what affects and supports your pH balance. PS: It's not douching.