The Deep Dive on Lactic Acid

By: The Honey Pot Company

Sometimes referred to as “The Superhero in the Vagina”, Lactic Acid is produced by the bacteria lactobacillus, which is naturally occurring in a healthy vaginal ecosystem.  

Let’s get into the science.  

A stable vaginal microbiome is extremely critical to humans with vaginas broader health as it can be the epicenter for a plethora of infections and diseases. Lactobacillus is the most frequently isolated microorganism from the healthy human vagina, this includes Lactobacillus crispatusLactobacillus gasseriLactobacillus iners, and Lactobacillus jensenii. These vaginal lactobacilli have been touted to prevent invasion of pathogens by keeping their population in check. Predisposing factors such as menses, pregnancy, sexual practice, uncontrolled usage of antibiotics can often alter the microbial community.  

And yes, you heard that correctly the Lactobacilli do produce Lactic Acid, Hydrogen Peroxide, and other substances to inhibit the potential growth of yeast and other unwanted organisms. A true Superhero! All of which support in maintaining the vagina at a healthy pH of around 4. The mildly acidic environment helps to protect against infection. That’s why we refer to this communication as an ecosystem that is constantly in conversation (and on the defense to protect you!)  

So what about the Lactic Acid found in The Honey Pot’s washes?  

When formulating our washes, pH has always been top of mind and based upon ever-evolving research, we found Lactic Acid to be the most effective and targeted solution.  

Lactic Acid has gentle moisturizing properties that also support a balanced pH range of 3.5-4.5. The addition of Lactic Acid to our Honey Pot washes ensures effectiveness of the formula you know and love with an added twist of rich cleansing and soothing hydration.




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