Cleanse, protect, and balance your vagina with our all-natural feminine hygiene washes and wipes. The formulas for our female cleansing products are powered by herbs™, crafted by women, and designed to fit a variety of needs.


Wash away odor-causing bacteria, hydrate your vulva, and balance your pH for long-lasting freshness and protection with our line of natural feminine care products. One rinse with our intimate cleansing foam and you'll kick your soap to the curb.

Formula Strength

High – for effective cleansing, protection, and balance.


You don't have to compromise to feel clean. Our Mommy-to-Be hygiene products include maternity sanitary pads and a feminine wash for pregnant women so you can balance your pH and calm discomfort, without worrying about chemicals, toxins, or artificial fragrance.

Formula Strength

Low – for effective (yet gentle) cleansing, protection, and balance. This formula does not contain lavender or shatavari root.