The first complete feminine care system that cleanses and balances your vagina

Powered by herbs™. Made by humans with vaginas. For humans with vaginas.

Plant-derived feminine care — from my kitchen to your hands

"If you're here because your honeypot is unhappy, I've been there.

The whole reason I started The Honey Pot Co was because I was suffering from bacterial vaginosis for months and couldn't get relief. One night, an ancestor visited me in a dream and gifted me with a vision to heal myself.

With her help, I created the Honey Pot Co to solve for what other brands wouldn't, using the power of herbs."

Bea Dixon

The Honey Pot Difference

only the good stuff

No toxins, artificial fragrance, or anything synthetic.

powered by herbs

Made with ingredients from the earth.

refreshing and soothing

Feel fresh and clean, while maintaining your pH balance.

made by humans with vaginas.

Developed and tested by humans with vaginas. Because it takes one to know one.

backed by science

All of our products are clinically-tested and gynecologist-approved.

recyclable + cruelty-free

We take care of the most important woman of all: Mother Earth.

Made by humans with vaginas, for humans with vaginas

Menstrual care for those who need it most

When you buy from us, you’re helping to provide menstrual care for humans with vaginas who are homeless, low income, or living in poverty.

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