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“Quite honestly, most spaces don’t feel safe especially being a new Black mom! And perhaps a definition of safety is important - it’s not just physical protection. It embodies my intellectual property, mental agency, internal/external/maternal health, economic stability, etc. From food systems, beauty industry, comfort in leisure space, healthcare hubs, educational institutions, etc. I create my own clock or veil of internalized safety so that I can exist and thrive in these spaces that are inherently anti-Black.”

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How My Journey of
Self-Discovery Unlocked
Advocacy for Black Women


The Honey Pot Company’s Co-founder + CEO

“The journey to reclaim and redefine my relationship with my vagina led to the rest of my body. I began to look at my whole health. Which is why it's so important that we normalize these conversations—and the very word vagina itself... I want you take your own path and love your body. Reclamation is movement—the action of unlearning, learning, and charting the path forward.”

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Our Commitment in Action

The Honey Pot Co.’s commitment to Black maternal health comes to life through our community events, educational digital content, and product donations. We center Black mothers’ wellbeing as a brand priority through our partnerships with Black medical professionals, many of whom focus on the journey to, and after, motherhood.

We also partner with non-profits like District Motherhued, which provides support, engagement, and maternal mental health resources via unique, virtual and in-person programming, events, and community outreach. This year, The Honey Pot Co. will sponsor the organization’s annual Momference, connecting with 600+ Black mothers over three days of education, wellness, and workshop sessions.


Doula-assisted mothers were four times less likely to have a low birthweight baby*…


… and two times less likely to experience a birth complication involving themselves or their baby*


Women with doula carehad 22 percent lower odds of preterm birth*

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