organic incontinence herbal pantiliners

$8.99 USD

Human bodies change. And so do our needs. An overactive bladder is a real experience and its origins vary from human to human. Meet our herbal incontinence pantiliners designed to liberate you from the dribble.  With incredible absorbency, our hypoallergenic panty liners are designed to capture urinary leaks when they happen. The inclusion of lavender, mint and rose essential oils, ensures all-day freshness while keeping you fearless. 


👍🏾 20 count

👍🏾 Hypoallergenic

👍🏾 Free from pesticides, chlorine, dioxins, or synthetic materials

👍🏾 Infused with essential oils, which creates a "cooling" sensation that makes for a more peaceful experience


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Soothes + Calms


Cool + refresh

Made Without
  •  Artificial fragrance
  •  chlorine
  •  dyes
  •  chemicals

Liberation from the dribble.

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