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Overnight Herbal Pads with Wings

$7.99 USD

Wake up feeling clean and refreshed with our Overnight Herbal Pads. Every one of the overnight pads with wings is made from pesticide-free cotton and infused with essential oils, which creates a "cooling" sensation. Our sanitary pads with wings were designed by humans with vaginas, for humans with vaginas, which means maximum comfort and minimal leakage. Have a more comfortable period with our lavender, mint, and aloe infused overnight sanitary pads!

13" (33 cm) long + wings, 12 overnight period pads


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Soothes + Calms



Aloe Vera

Support irritated skin


Cool + refresh

Cotton, Rose, Houttuynia, Mint, Aloe, Lavender

Made Without
  •  Artificial fragrance
  •  parabens
  •  carcinogens
  •  pesticides
  •  chlorine

These pads are perfect in length and absorbency. They have a realllyy nice cooling sensation from the mint, and it's something I appreciate a lot! These are the only pads I'm going to use from now on.


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