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Post-Partum Herbal Pads

$7.99 USD

Soothe, minimize odor-causing bacteria, and balance your pH with our Post-Partum sanitary pads. The secret weapon in these maternity pads with wings? A blend of  herbal ingredients which create a "cooling" sensation that provides a soothing experience, making it an ideal feminine pad for post delivery. Complete with mint, lavender, and aloe, our post-pregnancy pads are a safe and soothing solution for new moms. Begin your journey with post-partum maxi pads from The Honey Pot.

13" (33 cm) long + wings, 12 count


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Powered by Herbs™



Aloe Vera

Support irritated skin


Cool + refresh


Soothe your vulva

Cotton, Rose, Houttuynia, Mint, Aloe, Lavender

Made Without
  •  Artificial fragrance
  •  parabens
  •  carcinogens
  •  pesticides
  •  chlorine

"If you've just given birth, you need my Mommy-to-Be Post Partum pad. Infused with herbs and botanicals, I created the Post Partum pad to help new mothers seeking a product that is both functional and safe during this time of recovery."

Beatrice Espada, Founder/CEO of The Honey Pot Company

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