Dealing With Postpartum Body Odor: Tips and Solutions

Dealing With Postpartum Body Odor: Tips and Solutions

By: The Honey Pot Company

Have you ever noticed how your body switches gears after giving birth, and suddenly, there’s a new kind of personal summer happening, no matter the weather? Well, you’re not imagining things, and you’re definitely not alone in this sweaty, sometimes stinky, postpartum boat. 

Here at The Honey Pot, we get the struggles that come with the post-baby territory. Let’s dive deep into the phenomena of postpartum body odor and arm you with effective tips to help you feel fresh. 

So, if you’re ready to tackle this not-so-wonderful fragrant head-on, keep reading. 


What Is Postpartum?

Before we dive into the nitty-gritty, you might be wondering, “What exactly does ‘postpartum’ mean?” In a nutshell, postpartum is the period following childbirth as your body, hormones, and everything in between start to find their way back to a pre-baby normal. This can span from a few weeks to several months, loaded with all sorts of changes.

Common postpartum symptoms include:

  • Mood fluctuations (hello, emotional rollercoaster!)
  • Changes in sleeping patterns (or, let’s be real, the lack thereof)
  • Physical changes (think: hair loss and skin variations)
  • Shifts in libido (it can be a real ghost town down there…)


Is Body Odor Common After Birth?

Yes, and here’s why: Your body is still cruising on those pregnancy hormones, which means your sweat glands might get the memo to go into overdrive. This hormonal shift can kick your perspiration levels up a notch, leading to that distinct postpartum body odor

So yes, experiencing a change in your body scent during this time is common and just another part of the postpartum package.


What’s the Best Way To Beat the Post-Baby Smell?

While every body (and every body’s odor) is different, we’ve rounded up some universally helpful tips to help you manage that post-baby bouquet:


Freshen Up With the Right Stuff

Who says you can’t feel pampered when you’re tackling body odor? Ditch the harsh soaps and say hello to our Cucumber Aloe Wash. It’s all about using the right vulva wash that matches your body’s needs, and this one’s a crowd-pleaser with its knack for gently washing away odors while maintaining your pH, no sweat!


Change It Up

Changing your baby’s diaper is a given, but don’t forget about changing your own gear, too. If you’re sweating more than usual, swapping out your undergarments or even your t-shirt a few times a day can stop odors from building up. 

Think of it as a quick refresh, and trust us — it can make a big difference!


Stay Hydrated, Stay Fresh

Let’s not forget the power of H2O. Staying hydrated helps flush out toxins that can contribute to body odor. More water, less worry — and your skin will thank you for the extra hydration boost!


Mind Your Meals

What goes in must come out, right? Some foods can make you sweat more or give your sweat a stronger odor. Maybe give the onions and garlic a miss for now and see if it helps keep the odor at bay. Instead, stack your plate with fruits and veggies to keep things light and, well…less fragrant. 


Dress Down the Odor

Throw on some natural fibers like cotton or bamboo that let your skin breathe easy. Tight, synthetic fabrics? Not today! Keeping it loose means less trapping sweat and odor and more comfort, which is exactly what your body craves after having a baby. 


Swipe Away the Sweat

For those times when you need a quick fix and can’t grab a shower, our Feminine Wipes come to the rescue. Perfect for a quick swipe, these wipes are a lifesaver for freshening up on the fly and are super handy for post-gym or between feeds. 


Boost With Prebiotics and Probiotics

It’s no secret that what’s happening in your gut can affect everything, including how you smell. That’s why integrating prebiotics and probiotics into your routine can be a game-changer. 

Our Prebiotic Foaming Wash is a full-on support system for your vaginal health, helping to nurture those good bacteria, which, believe it or not, play a part in keeping you smelling fresh. What’s not to love?


Catch Some ZZZs

Sleep might seem like a luxury when you’ve got a newborn, but catching enough rest whenever you can isn’t just good for your mind — it helps regulate your body’s systems, including those that control sweat and odor. 

When you’re well-rested, your body doesn’t have to go into overdrive, which means less sweating and less stinking. And if you’re worried about any postpartum spotting, use our postpartum pads when sleeping (or anytime you need them).


Harness the Power of Boric Acid

Did you know that maintaining a happy pH balance can actually help manage those less-than-lovely postpartum odors? That’s where our Boric Acid & Herbs Suppositories step into the spotlight. 

Think of them as little heroes for your honeypot, keeping things balanced and fresh. So, if you’re noticing some changes that make you go, “Hmmm.” give these a go — you’ll thank us later!


Turn to Tea Time

Bet you didn’t think sipping tea could help with body odor! Drinking a cup of green tea can work wonders thanks to its antioxidant properties, which help eliminate toxins from the body that contribute to stronger odors. Make it a relaxing ritual and enjoy the added benefits of hydration and a moment of peace. 


Get Your Groove On

Need a pick-me-up that doubles as a de-stink strategy? Slip on those sneakers and take a gentle stroll or groove to some tunes right in your living room. 

Light exercise boosts your circulation, which can help zap away that postpartum odor. Don’t forget to cool down with our deodorizing Bergamot Rose Refreshing Spray for a quick revitalizing boost that keeps you feeling fresh post-workout. 


When Should You Worry About Postpartum Body Odor?

You’ve switched up your soaps, tweaked your diet, and are rocking those natural fibers, but what if that post-baby stink just won’t quit? If the changes in your body odor come with other symptoms like discomfort, itching, or unusual discharge, it might be time to call your healthcare provider.

Persistent or severe body odor can sometimes signal an infection or an underlying health issue that needs more than just home remedies. With this in mind, never forget that it’s totally okay to seek help — keeping your body healthy is just as important as keeping it happy and fresh. 



Tackling postpartum body odor is a part of the journey that can catch you by surprise, but it’s nothing you can’t handle with a little savvy and the right tools. From keeping hydrated to changing up your diet and what you wear, these tips are all about making life fresher and a lot more comfortable after welcoming your new bundle of joy.

Ready to turn the page on post-baby odors? Dive into our line of plant-derived, gentle care products designed to support your body when you need it most. 

Check out The Honey Pot for solutions that not only work but feel great — because you deserve nothing less. 


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