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5 Quick (& Important) Sexual Health PSA's

By Rachel Wright

5 Quick (& Important) Sexual Health PSA's

By: Rachel Wright

If you’re sexually active, this article is for you (yep, YOU)! It’s probably not news to you that we received the most minimal, unhelpful sex education from our school system (and maybe even our parents). So, when it comes to hearing sexual health reminders, we can all probably learn a little somethin’ somethin’.

We’ll be covering all the basics today— vaginal sex necessities, sexual confidence, lube, condoms, getting tested— you know, the good stuff!

  • Always, Always Pee After Vaginal Sex

  • It’s likely that if you’re having vaginal sex, you’ve heard this little tidbit before. It’s such an important one to remember and never to skip (I mean it). All of our bits are close together. It’s just the reality. Peeing after sex helps flush out any bacteria from the urethra, which is so important in helping to prevent UTIs (which, let me tell you, from experience, are awful). 

    Vulva owners tend to be more prone to UTIs, but it’s also not unheard of for penis owners to get one here and there as well. So, the moral of the story, pee after sex, my friends.  

    Quick tidbit about peeing after vaginal sex— it will not prevent pregnancy or sexually transmitted infections. 

  • Use Lube

  • KEEP READING. Don’t skip this one thinking, “I know, I know,” or “I don’t need it!” Yes, yes, you do. Everyone everywhere needs lube, and I stand by that.

    It doesn’t matter how much natural lubricant you may produce or whatever reasons you may have— lube prevents tearing, creates glide, and it can make everything feel more sensational. I’m not even just talking partnered sex here -- I’m talking solo too!

    Lube comes in all sizes, smells, tastes, ingredients, too! It’s best to buy lube made with clean products— I’m an advocate for knowing what is in every product we put on / in our bodies, including sex products. Also, know which lube pairs with which condoms and which toys you are using (ex: silicone lube doesn’t pair well with condoms and silicone toys). I recommend using a water-based lube if you don’t know where to start. The Honey Pot Co. makes two different lubricants, one flavored and one not that are both water-based, feel hydrating and are made to be safe for vaginal pH. 

    Real quick, I’ll also acknowledge that there used to kind of be a weird stigma around using lube. I say “used to” because we are breaking that stigma right now. Everyone’s bodies are different and require different things. If you’re a vulva owner, there’s no shame in the lube game and if booty play is in question, please always use lube (please!). 

  • Buy Quality Sex Products

  • As I mentioned above, I love knowing what is in the products I’m using— I’m talking condoms, sex toys, lube, skincare— you name it! We all grew up thinking we buy our condoms from the drug store, and that’s that. Luckily, we now live in a time where a plethora of fantastic sex companies are transforming the sex world -- and it’s all online!

    When it comes to condoms, drug store condoms are likely to irritate a lot of people’s skin (because, to be honest, they aren’t made with high-quality ingredients). But now? We can buy vegan condoms that are not only gentler on the body but the planet too! Your body deserves quality ingredients, and now some companies are designing products that will make your body much happier (and your sex life, too).

    When it comes to sex toys, you always want to make sure the toys are made with body-safe materials. It’s shocking that I even have to say that, right? Since they are being used on/in your body? Nowadays, there are endless toy options made from body-safe silicone, body-safe plastic— you name it! One major perk of the normalization of the sex industry is that intentional companies get to share their quality-made products with us— finally!

    Another major perk of buying quality products— they will likely last you much, much longer. 

  • If You’re Hooking Up Regularly— Get Tested (For All of Us)

  • There’s a stigma around testing, and the truth is— there shouldn’t be (I believe it’s changing). STIs come with the territory of having sex with each other, which means we need to be just as responsible and vigilant with condoms, communication, and consent.

    STIs seem scarier than they are— probably because all we were taught in health class was that if we get STIs or get pregnant, we die from having sex (a little Mean Girls reference for you). Then the poor teacher that got roped into teaching sex-ed likely showed you a series of photos of genitals covered in infections— but all of those breakouts were most likely untreated. Today, we have medicines, testing, and answers!

    It’s not only respectful to get tested regularly; it’s a hook-up-culture-absolute! No if’s, and’s, or but’s about it— if you’re frisky with lots of people, get tested. It actually makes sex so much better to be worry-free, to be honest, and to feel confident when jumping into bed with people. 

    I mean, think about it— if you want other people to be honest with you, we have to do our part to be the best sexual partners for other people as well!


  • Warning: Knowing What You Want Will Boost Your Sexual Confidence!

  • As you probably know, most of us weren’t taught sexual confidence, that it’s okay (even encouraged) to get to know our bodies, how to be curious lovers, how to have safe and fabulous sex, and how to communicate about sex. Once we start learning and growing in our sexual confidence, we’re likely to feel more empowered in our bodies, choices, and sexual encounters.

    In my personal experience, once I started feeling confident sexually, I started feeling more whole— like I wasn’t as much of a mystery to myself as I had previously felt before. You are worth getting to know, your sexual health is worth caring for, and it’s the farthest thing from selfish to take care of YOU because it makes you a more compassionate friend, lover and generally makes us even kinder to ourselves. 

    Most importantly— have so much fun, be safe, and take care of each other. :)