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Interview with Tierra Burrell of Tierra Goes Green

By The Honey Pot Company

Interview with Tierra Burrell of Tierra Goes Green

Tierra Burrell is a true super SHEro: a lifestyle consultant, holistic practitioner, healer, teacher, speaker, brand ambassador, doula and entrepreneur. Using her expertise with natural products and wellness, she co-formulated our newest product, the Soothing Body Balm. We recently spoke with her to chat with her about her inspiration for sharing her journey and more. Keep reading below to find that out PLUS her favorite beauty food and most important self-care ritual:

As the founder of Tierra Goes Green, you share your plant-based and holistic lifestyle with the world. Can you tell us a little bit about your decision to go plant-based, what initially inspired it and what keeps you motivated?

I’ve been plant-based as an overall lifestyle for 12 years now. At the time I made the switch in 2007/2008, I had a friend who was plant-based. I didn’t know that about her at the time, but I did know that I loved her energy. That was the main reason I transitioned my diet. I had been discombobulated, confused and chronically fatigued. For my own clarity I started eating plant-based. I got addicted to how it made me feel, and that’s the thing I love the most. I eat much healthier now than I did at the beginning and I started playing around with minerals, vitamins, superfoods, soups all of that. I love that process! I think of the alternative and being tired and I know what it’s like to not be pleased with my body and skin. Since being plant-based I have zero of those issues. I can’t even fathom looking in the mirror now and not loving what I see. My reflection is my motivation.

What advice would you give to those looking to develop a more natural lifestyle, but may feel overwhelmed by it and unsure of where to start?

Read books on it, anything you’re trying to do even if it’s putting together a bookshelf requires reading some kind of directory. People want to jump right in and think oh I’ll cut out meat and dairy no problem, and you’re setting yourself up for failure. Be realistic with your goals. It’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon, and changing a lifestyle takes a long time.

People should be patient with the process. Start by reading books which helps your patience, it slows your mind and it’s a lot of learning. Then you are really understanding “oh why this ketchup and not this ketchup?” Reading is key.  

What would you consider to be your favorite “beauty food?” Something that gives us that extra glow!

Cucumber juice and Celery Juice. I also have at least a half a gallon of it.  It’s instant. If you can get those 2 in on a daily basis, you’re good. Drink and eat them, it’s amazing! In liquid form, these are 2 fruits that will dilute everything so if you don’t like the taste add a little apple or pineapple. As you keep drinking it your taste buds will mature. I cut up cucumbers and eat them like potato chips.

If I have something fried or salty to eat my eyes will puff up and my dark circles are bad the next day. That’s how I know that what I’m eating affects skin so quickly.

What is your most important wellness/self-care ritual and why?

Be still. I turn off my phone every day at 9:30PM until 10:30AM the next day, anything that I respond to during that time is my choice as opposed to my obligation. When you’re a giver to the world, sometimes you will give more than what you have. Demand that time for yourself that is just yours every day, you can process a lot of things a lot better. I have a spare iPhone that only has my music on it, so I’m not even tempted to keep checking my apps. You know how quickly you can get lost on a phone! But it can be something like vacuuming, twirl around, whatever it is that brings you joy and is your time.

You have a line of handmade plant-based products ranging from supplements to skincare. What does the process behind each product mean to you and how often do you develop and add new products?

It’s an organically creative process, there’s no business plan or overall end of year goal or five-year plan, none of that. It’s never been like that. I’m highly attuned to my feelings. Anytime I have an emotional feeling starts the development process. My products are sunshine in containers. We are sunshine and Vitamin D deficient. People are dealing with chronic issues or skin issues and not realizing vitamin D is a hormone. So of course, that affects your skin, and explains why so many people are sad and depressed in the winter. It’s grey, the rain is blowing sideways and it’s shady, but if you hopped on a plane to Belize and spent a few days in the sunshine you’d feel much better! My products help people living in a different climate than their skin or DNA needs.

Another thing that we’re all deficient in a lot of the time is Omega Fats. My products are based with avocado butter or avocado oil that are high in omega fats. I also use a lot of Baobab seed and all the other powerful oils from around the world that give people radiance. I have body oils, body butters, facial moisturizer and more. One week out of the month I’m completely in production mode, but now I have a factory, so I am learning to cut down my time in production.

You formulated The Honeypot’s Soothing Body Balm( it’s amazing!) tell us more about how you started the creation process for this product and how everyone will benefit from it!

I wanted it to be a joyful process. Typically, when we want to relieve ourselves from pain it’s not enjoyable. Think of all the other pain relievers out there, they stink, and we don’t like the way it feels but know that we need that instant pain relief. So we use it, but overall we’re dreading it. Knowing all of the textures from different oils in a formulative way, I used a mango butter base for this to create a nice texture as opposed to a super sticky or hard salve. When someone opens this balm it’s a pleasant experience. You can tell it’s medicinal but it’s not repulsive.

Just like the way the other Honeypot products work I wanted to give people a present experience while relieving pain. When I first used the Honeypot feminine wash, I wanted to shower three times, I wanted that foam experience all over and to last! This lets users appreciate their body and the things that it does and not resent it.

Here at The Honeypot Company, we want everyone to “make peace with your period.” In a world full of hormone disruptors and stressors, what is something you recommend all women do to maintain a happy honeypot? 

Your water intake. Drink more water! We need a gallon of water a day. Some days you will fail and some days you will succeed, but as long as that’s the goal. That one day you do succeed still puts you ahead for the rest of the week. Look at water as an element as opposed to a beverage. We need water the same way we need air.

Stay in touch with Tierra and shop her products online at and follow her on Instagram at: @tierragoesgreen