Vagina Talk: An Interview with Our Founder

Vagina Talk: An Interview with Our Founder

By: The Honey Pot Company

Here at The Honey Pot Company, our mission is personal. Our founder, Beatrice started HP after suffering from bacterial vaginosis for months and realizing the never-ending doctor appointments and antibiotics weren’t working for her.  One night during a dream, her ancestor gave her the ingredients she needed to heal herself and The Honey Pot Company was born from there. As a true pioneer in feminine health, we asked Bea to offer her advice on some common vaginal questions. Check it out below:

  • What is the #1 thing you want every woman to know about their vagina?

The #1 thing I want every woman to know about her vagina is that her vagina is a powerful, beautiful part of her body that has its own ecosystem with good and bad bacteria, that needs regular care to maintain its health and vitality.

  • What do you suggest women do about pubic hair, especially if they have struggled with BV or other infections? Is one approach better than the other?

If you suffer from chronic BV symptoms and yeast infections, you may want to scale back on the Brazilian waxes and just trim your pubic hair instead. Pubic hair is nature's way of protecting the vulva and vaginal opening from bacteria which can lead to infections and irritation.

  •  Why does the vagina smell differently at different times of the month? When should someone be concerned?

Your vaginal pH changes alongside your cycle due to the hormonal changes that occur. You may notice that you have a different odor during ovulation than when your period ends. Some women notice a metallic odor right before their period and at the tail end of their period. You should become concerned if you have a foul odor that smells rotten or fishy. This could be a sign of an infection including BV or an STI. In addition, if you have an odor that smells like bread - that could be a sign of a yeast infection. Learn to love your natural odor as vaginas are not supposed to smell like roses, fruit or a summer evening.

  • What is your desire for each woman to feel and know about their body and vaginal health? 

My desire is for girls and women to understand how amazing their bodies and vaginas are. It's so important to love your body and vagina and that means learning how it works and how to properly care for your body and vagina. It's so important to never feel shame about the natural things that occur within your body including your menstrual cycle, yeast infections and even STIs. All women will deal with various issues vaginally, so there's nothing to be ashamed of. I love educating women on how to best care for their vaginas and bodies by switching from conventional chemical-laden brands to natural, plant-based alternatives.

Mothers need to teach their daughters exactly how their vaginas work and how their reproductive system works. It's super important that girls know the difference between their vaginas and vulvas. They also need to know how and why menstrual cycles happen and how to properly maintain their vaginal health before during and after their cycle. They need to explain to them how to love their vaginas by not using harmful, toxic feminine care or feminine hygiene products.

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 Photo credit: @comeplum