MOMENTS: A Message from Bea, Our Founder

MOMENTS: A Message from Bea, Our Founder

By: The Honey Pot Company

Things are a bit indefinite right now. We’re all navigating acute stress, uncertainty and attempting to stay present. Here at The Honey Pot, we’re working vigorously to reorganize internal systems, supporting our fulfillment centers and ensuring that all of your orders land in your hand as quickly as humanly possible.  In the meantime, our founder, Bea has a message on some ways she’s coping and some inspiration for you. 

“I know that the general energy around the world is a bit of a stress ball. I’m navigating that the best way that I can. Eating well, working out, surrounding myself with the people that I love and working on all things Honey Pot. Any human walking on the planet is being affected by this. This virus does not care about money, status, or who you are. What it has taught me is just to move my life more in a direction of keeping it simple, basic, active and full of humans who want to move at the same pace.

It’s beautiful the way that our community has come together. Some people are upset because we have backorders and are well within their right to feel that way. I want to personally do better with how we communicate, especially because things are growing and moving in the right direction in a time where everyone isn’t seeing growth. I want to be good to the growth, and the people that have gotten us here,” says Bea.

And her #1 reminder to people during this time?

“Be calm. It’s terrible that people are dying, and what’s happening is happening. But, we’re here now. That doesn’t mean don’t feel, don’t be upset and don’t be stressed because that seems impossible right now. But, if something is impossible, then you have to consider the other half which is that it’s possible. Remember what is important.”

 And how does she do that… 

 “It changes. Some days I’m good at it. Where I can just breathe and be here and consider everything in that moment, and don’t go past that. Other days, it’s hard. I try to put myself in a place that I want to be, and I go there. 

A good example of that is when I was on my porch last week and decided I wanted to see more plants out there. I literally just went to Lowes and got more plants and made a porch garden. I needed to do something that I could start and finish, that would also bring more joy. 

I think a part of being good (“in the moment”)  is understanding that a lot of the time you’re not going to be. When you’re meditating, the whole point of meditation is to go in, right? But it’s really hard to be present and be quiet and meditate. If someone meditates for 15 minutes, they might have actually only gotten in a good 5 minutes. But the art of meditation is if you do have thoughts or anything you really just don’t judge it. Because they’re going to come. I live in a constant meditation.” 

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Stay well and stay tuned for more moments with our team. We love you. Mean it.