Reclaiming Wellness

What is reclaiming wellness to you?

By: Dominique Drakeford

The Urban Garden

Begining in January/February I take the time to sort out my vegetable & herb seeds in preparation for my spring garden. This process usually starts indoors at home. As an urban gardener this process is deeply ancestral and spiritual for me.


Building Relationships

Reading to my 6 month old son has become a act of wellness between the two of us. Reading him stories about Black history, self-love and sustainability are huge catalysts for both. We build and nurture a positive relationship with one another during these moments.



Taking baths has become an "over-used" phrase/idea in wellness spaces. However, as a new mom finding those moments of personal solitude is important. This is a time where I can relax but also give space to thank my body for being this vessel. It is so important to my self-love journey.