Let’s Talk About: Phenoxyethanol

By: The Honey Pot Company

We understand seeing new ingredients on the back of your wash bottle could be confusing but we're here to help! We captured feedback and insights from our amazing community to build upon the formula for our washes and designed a new preservative system to uphold quality throughout the lifespan of your wash. So, let’s talk about it.

What’s Phenoxyethanol? 

Phenoxyethanol is colorless, oily, and has a rose-like odor ingredient. As a chemical, it is an ether alcohol that is naturally found in green tea. But it can also be synthesized in a lab for greater efficacy. Phenoxyethanol is a common preservative and used most specifically in items like cleansers and leave-on cosmetics such as lipsticks.  

What is phenoxyethanol used for? 

This preservative is used to prevent microbial growth. Products such as our washes can be a safe haven for harmful microorganisms (this is due to water and organic compounds). Phenoxyethanol helps by prohibiting the growth of bacteria, yeast, and mold. By prohibiting these microorganisms, they cannot multiple and contaminate your products. Phenoxyethanol helps with product stability because it does not react with other ingredients, air, or light. All of which help the ongoing use of your products.

Ok, but why a preservative system? 

Preservatives are necessary as they keep ingredients in the formula fresh and able to provide the intended benefits, preventing the inevitable challenge of bacteria and other microbes that may be harmful and cause infection. PET testing (preservative efficacy testing) is key in providing substantiated scientific evidence that the preservative ingredients are preventing growth during the shelf and usage life of the product. We chose these preservatives because they can all be found naturally (I.e., in plants, teas, and fruits), but can be created synthetically and safe for use (unlike parabens and other preservatives).  

For more ingredient information, please head to our Ingredient Glossary here.