What's The Deal With Period Sex?

What's The Deal With Period Sex?

By: Alexandra La-Rotta

Ah, the great divide. A truly binary one. 50% of women think period sex is quite literally the best sex of their life and the other 50% think it to be gross, scary and possibly, unnecessary.

Both camps are not wrong but certainly not right. Let’s start off with *feelings* - when you’re on your period (or it's rapidly approaching) you may not feel like yourself and the thought sex could feel daunting. It can also be uncomfortable to take on the conversation of menstruation and sex while on your period with your partner. We get it. From The Honey Pot camp, we think period sex has a chance to be very liberating, enjoyable (have underrated health benefits!) and perhaps be the best.sex.ever. 

There’s science behind that, too. The hormonal changes you experience during your period, namely increased estrogen and testosterone levels, lead to greater sensitivity and arousal. Your vagina is in essence far more receptive during this time.

Let’s explore some period sex facts:

  • An all natural, all you lubricant 
  • Due to the inherent lubrication of your vagina while menstruating, you’ll experience intercourse with ease. Due to the heightened sensitivity and lubrication, this will also empower your ability to orgasm which helps...

  • Minimize PMS symptoms
  • We know you’re always searching for new and easy ways to reduce those nasty PMS symptoms and suffice to say, we’ve definitely found the most pleasurable. When you climax, your blood flow increases and your uterine muscles release pain-relieving chemicals (aka dopamine, oxytocin, and other endorphins) This increase in blood flow and pain-relieving chemicals is practical, immediate cramp relief. Also, I’m sorry but did we hear, orgasm? Let’s not forget that this is the real goal ;) 

  • May shorten the length of your period
  • There is data that suggests having sex on your period may actually shorten its duration. The science goes like this - when you orgasm your uterus contracts, which can speed up the shedding of your uterine lining (which is the exact definition of a period). Once you have an orgasm, you may be able to reduce the typical 7-day cycle by 2 or 3 days. For many of us, shortening a period could be a huge blessing. 


  • Improves your Mood
  • Remember those pain-relieving chemicals we mentioned? Those endorphins released upon orgasming also help boost your general mood (which is clearly needed on day 2 of your Aunt Flo).  

    This seems interesting, right? But how exactly is it “done”? We know that the idea of cycle sex seems like a bloody mess and perhaps it could be, but here are some of our period sex tips for having intercourse during periods:

  • Protect Your Sheets
  • We all already have the fear of messing up our sheets when menstruating, and this may feel like an even bigger commitment. But, we recommend throwing down a dark towel, a blanket used specifically for this experience, changing out your sheets for a darker variation, or whatever feels right to you. The goal is to keep this simple and straightforward - let’s not kill the mood! 


  • Soap Up & Keep Clean
  • While sometimes having, let’s call it, “messy-ish” sex can really be some of the most passionate sex, if having sex on your period makes you feel self-conscious, cleansing in the shower pre-intercourse can be a great way to be fresh and loosen your inhibitions. Also, cleansing post-sex can feel good and keep your pH normalized.

  • Shake Up The Positions 
  • You may find that exploring different positions both feels better and reduces some of the mess. Enter shower sex. A great way to have a fiery exchange with your partner while on your period. 

    Do note, that you can still get pregnant and contract STI’s while on your period so we do always advise a condom. 

                 Here’s to orgasms & bloody vaginas.