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Cleanse, hydrate, and balance your vagina with our plant-derived feminine hygiene washes and wipes. The formulas for our feminine cleansing products are powered by herbs™, made by humans with vaginas, and designed to fit a variety of needs. Shop our vaginal hygiene products below! 


Stay clean, fresh, and balanced, even during your period with our naturally-derived menstrual products. Have a more peaceful period with herbal-infused sanitary pads that create a “cooling” sensation. Whether you prefer to use menstrual cups, tampons or pads, we have the feminine care products you need.

Refresh & Rejuvenate

Take a minute (or an hour) for yourself with body hygiene products like our Refreshing Panty Sprays and pH balancing Bath Bombs. Both personal hygiene products are free from harmful toxins, artificial colors and artificial fragrance. Our intimate sprays are great for on-the-go freshness. Practice safe self-care with naturally-derived hygiene products from The Honey Pot. 


Get the calm you need to make it through your day and night with products that help support vaginal wellness through formulas and products that soothe. The Honey Pot specializes in natural, plant-derived feminine wellness products that freshen, support, and balance while leaving you feeling healthy and clean. Shop below to find soothing balms, feminine suppositories, and more with refreshingly natural and minimalistic formulas.  The Honey Pot, made by humans with vaginas for humans with vaginas.

Travel Essentials

No matter where you go, you can stay clean, fresh, and balanced with our convenient travel-sized feminine washes, wipes, and pads. Stash these travel-sized feminine products in your purse, gym bag, suitcase, or just keep them on hand for impromptu trips! Whether it's lightweight pads or plant-derived feminine wipes, we have all the mini hygiene products you need.


Human bodies change. And so do our needs. An overactive bladder is a real experience and its origins vary from human to human. That’s why we crafted our certified incontinence pads - from liners to overnight and available in both herbal and non-herbal options, all designed to support your needs. With incredible absorbency, our organic liners and incontinence pads with wings are designed to capture leaks when they happen and liberate you from the dribble.

Stock up on swag

Create conversation (or just look dope AF) with our feminist accessories. Pop on our vagina necklace to get people talking or carry our On-The-Go pad and tampon bags for quick access to all your feminine care products.

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“Keep your honeypot healthy during your monthly with our herbal based period products”

Beatrice Espada, Founder/CEO The Honey Pot