How Does Diet and Exercise Affect your Period?

How Does Diet and Exercise Affect your Period?

By: The Honey Pot Company

We recently shared the best foods to eat for vaginal health, but in general how does your diet and exercise regimen affect your period? It turns out that exercise and periods are closely connected. We know that intense stress affects your period and can disrupt your hormones and menstrual cycle, but excessive exercise can have the same effect as well. Your body needs a certain amount of fat to ovulate and menstruate so while exercising is very important, over-exercising is not healthy for anyone. It’s important to create a realistic balance when working out and listen to your body to know what’s best for you.

It may feel like the absolute worst time to do some squats or downward-facing dog but exercising on your period can help to relieve cramps and other PMS symptoms. While your energy levels change at different periods throughout your cycle the more active you become in general it’s less likely you’ll have to endure cramping and heaving bleeding when you period comes around each month. So, put away the Midol and heating pad, and instead go for a walk or jog.

If you stick to a consistent exercise routine, you may notice a lighter flow and higher energy levels. Exercise causes your body to produce more serotonin and endorphins, these hormones make you feel ‘happy’ and help you beat feelings of fatigue.  Exercising also causes you to sweat and increase your water intake. The more water you drink the less you will feel bloated. You know we have you covered for feeling fresh after your sweat sesh too. Our refreshing feminine hygiene spray eliminates odors without artificial fragrances or ingredients and is a must have for your gym bag.

When it comes to diet, we know that cravings come up a lot around your time of the month, but it’s best to skip the sugar and caffeine. Things like coffee and ice cream will only make you feel more sluggish and bloated. You’ll also want to avoid processed and salty foods, yes- we’re talking French fries and cheese, as these can contribute to breast soreness, belly pain and cause you to retain water. Many of the foods that are good for your vagina are also great to help balance your cycle. Salmon, avocados and fresh fruits to name a few. Check out more ‘good for you foods’ HERE.

Here at The Honeypot Company, we encourage a healthy balance and want you to “make peace with your period” in all ways. These are a few suggestions but ultimately achieving a balanced diet and exercise routine is all about doing what feels right and works for you and your body.