Get The Sex You Want

Get The Sex You Want

By: The Honey Pot Company

The movies make it seem so easy. One minute you’re gazing into each other’s eyes and the next clothes are flying off and you’re in the bed having mind-blowing sex…..well, if you’ve ever thought that isn’t how it’s happening for me, you’re not alone. Even though sex is a natural part of life that doesn’t mean that great sex comes easy and naturally. Learn how to improve your sex life today with a few tips for better sex:

It’s hard to describe what you like, if you don’t know what that is yourself. Explore yourself to know what kind of pressure, touch, etc. that you like. This will help you be able to open up in a productive way, since you can’t expect your partner to automatically know what you like or want. Below are some intimacy tips on how to enhance your sex life by communicating with your partner. 

  • Make a date to talk about what you like. Right before or after sex is probably not the best time to have this conversation. Set aside some time for you and your partner (outside of the bedroom or any other intimate area) to have undivided time to chat about your mutual desires for sex. While it can feel very awkward to express what you’re into (or not), being vulnerable and discussing it will help to create the intimacy needed for good sex. 
  • Keep it positive! Start out by sharing things you do like and appreciate that your partner does. Remember to listen as much as you speak. Sex takes two, and if done the right way the journey of learning more about how to pleasure each other should be fun! 
  • Continue the convo – This isn’t meant to be a one-time thing. As you continue your relationship this will likely be the start of many different conversations on sex. Check in often with how the other is feeling. Trust and frequent communication is critical for a good relationship, and a healthy sex life.  

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