Getting It On

Getting It On

By: The Honey Pot Company

Getting it on. Horizontal Mambo. Sexy time. There are many ways to describe sex, and here at The Honey Pot we believe in the power of self-pleasure and sexual expression.

Whether you’re enjoying solo sex or with a partner, we have some key sex health tips and healthy sex practices to keep your honeypot free from infection and irritation:

  • Before sex, we recommend you and your partner wash with our plant-based natural feminine wash. This helps to reduce bacteria that can be passed back and forth during sexual activity.
  • After sex, clean up with a quick swipe of our plant-based natural feminine wipes
  • Remember to urinate before and after sex to reduce the possibilities of UTIs.
  • Choose honeypot friendly natural condoms and herbal lube to lessen the possibility of irritation. 
  • Always remove and put on a new condom (with both penises or dildos) when transitioning from anal to vaginal sex.
  • Clean your sex toys before and after use with our gentle, sensitive feminine wash as these can harbor infection-causing bacteria. 
  • Wash hands before and after manual stimulation to reduce introducing bacteria to your honeypot.
A happy, healthy sex life extends beyond good after-sex hygiene practices, which is why we like to offer sexual wellness tips. Learning to love your body and explore your sexuality in a safe and natural way is also crucial to being healthy in and out of the bedroom. Hopefully our healthy sex tips helped you discover more about yourself and your partner!