The C-Spot | Tell Me More

By: Beatrice Dixon

We’ve heard of the notorious g-spot and those full-body, soul-stirring orgasms experienced when properly stimulated but have you heard of the c-spot? Wait! What is the c-spot? Are you saying there’s another mystical erogenous zone we have to figure out and tend to? Before you start freaking out, the female c-spot is just another name for your well-known and hopefully thoroughly explored clitoris.

Who: Humans with vaginas are the proud owners of a cllitoris (YAY!)

What: The clitoris is part of the vulva, also known as the external aspect of female genitalia. It sits at the top of the vulva and is commonly thought of as “clit”, “happy button” or “magic bean”. 

When: The clitoris should most definitely be part of your pleasure plan. For most humans with vaginas, clitoral stimulation is the best way to achieve orgasm as vaginal penetration alone tends not to be enough.

Where: The clitoris actually resides underneath the clitorial hood which is a protective covering or a fold of skin that shields the clitoris from direct stimulation. It is similar to a man’s foreskin. 

Why: Did you know the clitoris has 8000 nerve endings compared to a penis’ 4000 nerve endings? All of that concentrated sensitivity is a surefire way to get a one way ticket to “O” town.

How: There are so many ways to engage your clitoris. We love manual stimulation for those just getting started. There’s nothing better than using your fingers to figure out how much pressure your clit needs to achieve orgasm. If you’re more advanced, a good clitoral toy is a great option. There are countless clitoral stimulators available online. Another option is cunninglingus or oral sex when your partner orally stimulates your clitoris. No matter how you figure out the best way to achieve pleasure, the key is to find what works for you. Here are female orgasm tips to finding your path to pleasure! For more information about your honey pot, read our blog post about the health benefits of orgasms for women.