Orgasm 101

By The Honey Pot Company

Orgasm 101

The Big O- there’s no denying that everyone wants to be having more orgasms, but the reality is that many women are not. Below, we’ve rounded up some orgasm tips, facts, and information to up your knowledge because as they say, the more tips for the bedroom you know…

· The average male orgasm lasts 6 seconds, while the average female orgasm lasts 20 seconds. Unlike men, women can also have multiple orgasms in a row with no refractory (waiting) period.

· Orgasms are not just for fun and pleasure; they are an important part of women’s health. Regular orgasms decrease stress, and stimulates the release of the hormone oxytocin, which combats the stress hormone cortisol (often responsible for everything from belly fat and carb cravings to inflammation and poor digestion).

· You can increase your chances for multiple orgasms by practicing Kegel exercises. You can do these virtually anywhere and it takes only 5 minutes a day. Start by squeezing in the muscles you would use to stop the flow of urine for 10 seconds, then relax for 10 seconds and repeat for up to 5 minutes. If you think you may need some help doing your exercises, we like this list of 5 sex toys that will help you work out down there.

· Lube it up! Lube reduces friction allowing for a better and more enjoyable rhythm during intercourse for an easier orgasm. Our water-based and moisturizing kiwi vine extract lubricant is pH balanced and mimics your vagina’s natural lubrication, leaving you and your partner feeling comfortable and hydrated, not sticky or irritated. Use it for solo play or with a partner as a simple addition to your honeypot’s happiness.  

· Never fake it. You aren’t doing anyone, especially yourself, any favors when you pretend to orgasm. It can take women a long time to climax, and that’s ok. It’s important to be open and honest with your partner to ensure you are both physically and emotionally satisfied. Be your own orgasm advocate and find what works for you.