Product Spotlight For Hygiene: Sensitive Wipes

Product Spotlight For Hygiene: Sensitive Wipes

By: The Honey Pot Company

One of our mottos here at The Honey Pot is Healthy. Happy. Clean. While this originally stemmed from our feminine wash, it has now transformed into many other products, our mentality, and most importantly our overall hygiene. We spend a lot of time talking about our natural feminine wash, which is why today’s blog is going to focus on our feminine wipes for sensitive skin. 

These sensitive feminine wipes are luxe towelettes that offer a sanitary way to cleanse themselves with a plant-derived wipe. We all know that honey pots have a way of making a mess, especially during that time of month. It’s necessary to properly take care of our honey pots because improper care or oversight can lead to infections and potentially diseases. Simply, these plant-derived vulva wipes are a tool that supports and maintains vaginal wellness. 

So we have a small confession, The Honey Pot's wipes for sensitive skin are not the only wipes that are capable of supporting a healthy pH. We also offer our Normal natural feminine wipes that offer a slightly different concentration but have the same powerful, cleansing qualities. We chose to spotlight the Sensitive Wipes because each amazing ingredient has powerful plant-derived ingredients. For instance Aloe, for its moisturizing skin food powers. 

The Honey Pot foaming vulva wash can be used daily in the shower. The Herbal Wipes are a to-go option for you. Sometimes we just can’t wait for our next shower to wash ourselves. Like we said, our honeypots have a way of making moments we weren’t exactly prepared for, so now you have sensitive wipes for a quick, healthy cleanse.

Each Pack of 30-count Herbal Wipes is just $10.99.