Things that Impact Vaginal Health

By: The Honey Pot Company

We live in a time where we are all just trying to create a “good balance,” between work, school, family, friends and health. In striving to achieve this, vaginal health tips that work for someone else may not work for you! Just like in life, every woman’s body and vagina is different. Depending on your lifestyle, there are many outside factors that can affect your vaginal health.

Food is a big one. If you don’t eat well you probably don’t feel well, and the same goes for your vagina. Staying away from processed and fried foods, as well as sugar helps to keep your gut microbiome in check. When your gut is “good,” so is everything else, including the pH of your vagina. When you have enough good bacteria in your biome, your body is better able to ward off annoying yeast infections, BV, and other vaginal infection causes. If you’re looking to make some diet changes, check out our list of the top foods to eat for vaginal health.

Sex can also be a cause of some common vaginal problems. If you have P in V intercourse without a condom the alkaline pH of semen can mix with the acidic pH of the vagina and cause a disruptive overgrowth of harmful bacteria. The same goes for any penetrative sex toys. That’s why it’s always important to wash hands, toys, and your vagina after sexy time to reduce the growth of bacteria. Our sensitive feminine wash is perfect for these times, it calms irritation and helps to boost your moisture levels while also balancing pH.

Stress…the root of all evil. There’s no denying we live in stressful times and with more stress than ever before people are experiencing all kinds of anxiety and health issues. High amounts of stress throw everything off whack in your body, including your vaginal health. Stress creates a hormonal imbalance that can cause everything from increased discharge and irregular periods to a low libido and increased dryness during sex. To combat this, prioritize your sleep which can help to balance hormones, as well as practice self-care and exercise. Whatever it takes to help you feel like YOU!

Here at The Honey Pot Company, we desire for every woman to know the inner workings of her body as a whole, and how-to best be in control of it and her overall health, not just the vagina, because it is all so closely connected. The happier and healthier you are as an individual, the happier and healthier your honeypot will be. 

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