Celebrating Friendships

By: Alexandra La-Rotta

Friendships are vital to our happiness, emotional well-being, and should be celebrated and strengthened as often as possible. Life can get crazy though and our friendships are most likely to take a backseat to romantic partners, family and the million other things we are juggling every day. This month, we are celebrating all types of love and relationships, but below are some of our favorite ways to maintain a bond with your BFFs.

Most of us are in constant communication via text, email and social media, but when is the last time you called your friend on the phone? Give them a call! Nothing is better than catching up with a friend and being able to hear their voice and laugh on the other line. While chatting, make plans to see each other, pick a time to get together, stick to it and show up!

Once you’ve locked in a time to meet, plan a surprise that you know they will love, like an afternoon at their favorite cafe, a mani/pedi or gift your friend with some self-care items they may not splurge on for themselves. Our all natural bath bombs are a great gift any of your girls are sure to love.

Don’t let it stop there though. Whether they have gotten a new puppy, a promotion at work, or anything in between, don’t let any milestone go unnoticed. Appreciate your friendship and make celebrations a priority by planning weekend trips away for birthdays or any other important events in advance, so that every special moment is properly celebrated.

Friendships add so much to our lives, it’s important to take and make the time to fully enjoy them. Hopefully some of our friendship appreciation tips will bring you closer to your BFF! Tag us on social media with some of your best friend appreciation ideas.