Eat This, Drink That: Your Feminine Health from the Inside Out

By: Alexandra La-Rotta

It's no secret that you are what you eat from the inside out, and what you eat and drink on a daily basis can either help or hinder the health of your honey pot. Keeping in mind that a healthy vagina has a naturally acidic pH and includes a host of healthy bacteria designed to ward off infections and keep your body in a balanced state, eating and drinking foods that are packed with the right nutrients and minerals that feed the good bacteria and starve the bad are an important first step in maintaining a healthy vagina. Here are some examples of healthy food for women that you can eat and drink on the daily with your vajayjay in mind:

FRESH FRUITS & VEGGIES:  Fill up on leafy greens and fresh fruits as much as you can. Aside from having direct benefits on your vaginal health, fruits contribute to your overall health and wellness in addition to giving you the energy needed to support a busy lifestyle.  Loading up on fruits daily can result in a noticeable difference in how your honey pot smells and tastes as well. On the flip side of that, foods that are loaded with spices, onions, red meat, dairy, asparagus, and alcohol should be avoided as part of daily consumption. 

KIMCHI:  Kimchi is a natural probiotic for feminine health that helps maintain your vagina's pH levels to slightly acidic. Another plus is that it helps in warding off bad bacteria and infections.

BROCCOLI:  A study from 2007 found that women who ate foods rich in flavonoid kaempferol––like broccoli––saw their risk for ovarian cancer reduced by 40 percent.  We'll eat to that!

WATER WORKS:  Drink lots of water and avoid sodas and drinks that are high in sugar and preservatives.

GREEK YOGURT:  Many people consume yogurt for feminine health support. Yogurt contains active cultures such as probiotics and has been known to help maintain a healthy pH balance for women. You can also use Greek yogurt for a DIY yeast infection and vaginal cream.

SAY NO TO SUGAR:  Not only can it lead to health issues like diabetes, sugar has also been known to have a negative impact on the ecology of the vagina. If you must consume, try to do so in moderation to avoid causing any feminine health issues.

CRANBERRIES:  According to a study in the American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology, women who took a cranberry juice pill equivalent to two 8-ounce servings of cranberry juice for six weeks after gynecological surgery reduced the rate of UTI occurrence by half.  Two ingredients in cranberries—fructose and A-type proanthocyanidins (PAC)—may help prevent UTIs by either selecting against more adhesive strains in the stool or by directly preventing bacteria (and E. coli in particular) from adhering to the bladder wall.  If you prefer drinking cranberry juice for yeast infection and UTI prevention, make sure it's sugar free. 

SWEET POTATOES:  Sweet potatoes are high in vitamin A, which helps strengthen muscle tissues for strong, healthy vaginal walls.

There are plenty of other yummy feminine foods full of vitamins for female pH balance and vaginal health that will help keep your lady parts in tip top shape. Stay tuned for more feminine health tips and recipes that promote optimum honey pot health!