How do you Feel About your Vagina?

How do you Feel About your Vagina?

By: The Honey Pot Company

Most everyone with a vagina has at some point experienced a thought process of, “Is This Normal?” when considering the shape, size, smell or function of their honeypot. In reality, just like lips, eyes and thumbprints – everyone’s vagina is different and there is no “perfect” standard to which your V should meet. Since we live in a society where women’s bodies are often degraded and held to unrealistic standards, it can be normal to have thoughts that your vagina should look or smell a certain way. The vagina is an incredible part of your body capable of expanding, cleaning itself, delivering life and more.

We are always encouraging each other to be self-confident in your body, and this includes your honeypot too! Spend some time enjoying and exploring yourself to build body confidence. Take a mirror down there and really take a look at your body and its different parts. Treat yourself to our all-natural and pH balanced moisturizing water-based lubricant for some alone time, no partner needed. The more comfortable you are with your own body and vagina and pleasuring it, the more comfortable you will be having sex with someone else (even leading to better sex and more orgasms). Begin to incorporate our refreshing feminine hygiene spray into your daily routine or anytime you’d like a little spritz of confidence down there. This helps with any feelings of odor or sweatiness. Our feminine care products are designed for everyone to develop a healthy relationship with their period, health and vagina. Find what works for you, so you can always ensure that things are healthy and HAPPY down there.

For some more resources on loving your honeypot, building feminine confidence, and feeling your best, check out our post on how to clean your vagina and how to practice self love and care.