How Stress Affects your Period

How Stress Affects your Period

By: Alexandra La-Rotta

We all have stress in our lives. While that’s an inevitable fact, as we move into the new Spring season, we encourage you to clean-up your products, routines and stress less. Your hormones and menstrual cycle are affected by stress so the more you can keep your body and mind in-sync, the happier your hormones and honeypot will be.  

Your stress and menstrual cycle are closely connected. Being in a consistent stressed out state can and will take a toll on your body. Stress causes cortisol hormone levels to rise which throws your estrogen and progesterone out of whack. This disruption can cause all sorts of irregularities with your menstrual cycle including late or early periods, spotting, not ovulating or in severe cases, the absence of your period altogether. During an extremely stressful or traumatic time, there’s a theory that your body shuts down all hormones needed to reproduce so that you don’t get pregnant in a threatening and scary environment.

If you are experiencing these irregularities and have a no-show period (medically known as “amenorrhea”) for more than two months in a row it’s time to go to the gynecologist. Don’t brush off these symptoms and make time to discuss the best way to get your body and hormones back on track with your doctor.

If you're experiencing stress and your period is late, don't panic. When stress levels rise, below are a few easy ways to reduce stress and get back in touch with yourself and your body:

Prioritize sleep and rest - Turn off your phone and other electronics 1 hour before bed and create a calming nighttime ritual. This could be anything from journaling to meditating, to diffusing essential oils. Our all-natural lavender refreshing panty spray can be used all over your body, but is especially great to spritz on the bottoms of your feet before bed. The lavender oil in the spray will keep you calm, help you relax and get you ready for bed.

Exercise - Pilates, yoga, biking; do whatever gets your feel-good endorphins going! Making time to move your body and sweat helps to combat irritability, moodiness and the overwhelming feeling that stress can bring.

Incorporate self-care - Do things for you, whether that’s a manicure, massage or simply learning to say “NO” to unfulfilling events or activities. You don’t have to do it all! Make it a priority to spend your free time with family, friends or pursuing new hobbies that bring you joy.