How To Save Your Underwear From Your Period

By: The Honey Pot Company

When your period comes it can feel like everything is out of whack, you’re more emotional, feeling bloated and what else? You have to deal with the potential of period stains ruining some of your favorite undies. While constantly bleeding over into your underwear can be a sign that you are wearing the wrong size pad or tampon, (check out our recent post on tampon and pad size information to help find the right size for you) small leaks can happen to all of us regardless and there's always that chance of underwear stains from discharge before or after your period.

Breathable cotton undies are the best for your vaginal health and for cleaning up any period blood spots. Here's how to remove period stains: Before washing, run your stained undies or pants under cold water, then spot treat the stain with a cleanser, hydrogen peroxide, baking soda or lemon juice. There are plenty of natural, easily accessible items you can use to break down the blood stain. Then you can wash your item as usual. Stubborn more set-in stains may require multiple washing and more spot treatment.

If you find yourself bleeding more heavily at night with more annoying leaks, snag a package of our overnight herbal pads for extra protection, plus more comfort from our blend of infused essential oils.

There’s absolutely nothing gross or dirty about your period and the occasional period stain. In fact, after learning how to clean underwear stains, your undies will be as good as new. Check out our cool period panties enamel pin here! No matter the precautions you may take to avoid period stains, just like everything else in life- it happens, it’s not permanent and it’s easy to have some stain remover on hand!