Love for Earth

Love for Earth

By: The Honey Pot Company

We all have 2 permanent homes: our bodies and our planet. While we always encourage you to take care of your body, we also want to remind you to pay attention to our world and take care of the planet. The Earth is constantly providing for us; we have yet to meet someone that could live without air, water and sunshine, but we often forget to pour some love back into Mother Nature. You might be wondering, how can we take care of Mother Earth? Below are a few ways you can do something helpful and kind for Earth, not only this month but throughout the year:

  •  Plant something! If you have the space, plant a tree or other plants outdoors, this can reduce carbon dioxide and other pollutant gases, provide more oxygen, prevent soil erosion and much more. If you’re city living that’s ok too- bring the outdoors in to you! Indoor plants like a spider plant, aloe vera and boston ferns also reduce carbon dioxide and purify the air around you. Not only are these plants pretty (#PLANTPORN anyone?) they also can help improve your health and reduce fatigue. Truly a win-win situation!
  •  Support brands that produce sustainable items and/or use sustainable and mindful packaging. While it can feel like an impossible task to save the world, one area that is a huge cause of pollution that you could aim to focus on is fashion. The next time you’d like to do some online shopping, check out brands like Girlfriend Collective, Everlane and Outdoor Voices that use recycled and ethical materials. At the same time, consume less! Plan a fun clothing swap with your friends or visit a local thrift shop for some re-use love.
  •  Choose vegan options when you can, with beauty, personal products and food items. While a diet with no animal byproducts is not for everyone, taking even one day a week or month to eat vegan options can help to reduce the huge impact the meat industry has on the environment, like water and gas use and the millions of acres of land used.

Join The Honey Pot Co. in taking care of the Earth and learn how to be eco-friendly. Being mindful and making small changes like these everyday will result in a healthier YOU and a healthier Earth!