Travel Tips for Vaginal Care On-the-Go

Travel Tips for Vaginal Care On-the-Go

By: The Honey Pot Company

Spring is officially here! If you have plans to hit the road for a getaway, you may be busy packing your cutest outfits and bathing suits but don’t forget about your honeypot. Below are some personal hygiene travel tips to maintain a balanced V on-the-go.

Depending on where you are headed, there’s a chance your travel can throw off your menstrual cycle, so having a travel personal hygiene kit is important. If you are adjusting to a different time zone your sleep cycle and internal body “clock” can confuse your hormones and result in an earlier or later period. Even if you’re not expecting your period during your travels, it’s a good idea to pack some travel hygiene products like our pads and tampons just in case. This is especially true to consider if you are traveling somewhere where access to menstrual products may be limited.

If showering or bathing isn’t an option on long travel days, have our refreshing herbal spray on hand to spritz wherever you need a boost. It offers a calming and soothing refresh and scent. We also have travel sizes of our versatile feminine wipes. They are perfect for a quick refresh and can be used everywhere from your hands to your feet too.

If you’re beach or water bound, always remove your swimsuit bottoms as soon as possible after water activities. A damp bathing suit is the perfect environment for bacteria and yeast to grow. After any kind of water activity and at the end of each day, use our feminine wash

Traveling has been proven to promote happiness, reduce stress and enhance creativity. No matter where your travels may be taking you, our products for feminine hygiene have you covered so you can plan and enjoy the rest. What are some of the top items on your travel hygiene list? Let us know on social media!