Compact Tampons - Multi-Pack

Pocket-sized treasures, no matter your flow


Compact Tampons - Super Plus

Pocket-sized treasures, for heavy days

Super +

Compact Tampons - Super

Pocket-sized treasures, for medium and heavy days


Compact Tampons - Regular

Pocket-sized treasures


Organic Regular Tampons

The perfect coverage for light and regular days


Organic Duo-Pack Tampons

Stay protected, no matter your flow


Organic Super Tampons

Extra protection for medium and heavy days

Period Care Ritual See details

Period Care Ritual

Only the good stuff


Make Peace with your period™

Our Organic Cotton Cover Menstrual Pads go the extra mile to soothe and support during your most needed moments. Designed to provide absorbency without leakage and all day fresh. Have a more peaceful period with herbal-infused sanitary pads infused with lavender, rose, aloe vera, and mint essential oils to create a "cooling" sensation. Whether you prefer to use menstrual cups, tampons or pads, we have the feminine care products you need.

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