Motherhood is Filled With Pee: Managing Incontinence

Motherhood is Filled With Pee: Managing Incontinence

By: The Honey Pot Company

As an experienced mom of three awesome kids, I’ve dealt with my fair share of pee; and, I’m not just talking about the pee inside your baby’s diaper.  When I was a new mother, I was looking forward to the joys of pregnancy and motherhood. But, no one ever mentioned to me that, during and after pregnancy, laughing, coughing, sneezing, and lifting would all materialize into actual pee in my pants. Yep...motherhood can literally make you pee your pants. 

In the last few weeks of my first pregnancy, I swear I felt like I went to the bathroom at least a hundred times a day. It was incredibly frustrating because I would rush to the bathroom, feeling like my bladder would burst if I waited a second longer, only to produce tiny drops of pee. Getting up several times in the middle of the night to go pee was exhausting. Let’s add on top of that coughing and sneezing which would cause me to involuntarily pee my pants a little. I constantly changed my underwear during the day and night, and I felt embarrassed because I didn’t know that this was a common occurrence during and after pregnancy. Thankfully help is on the way with Honey Pot products, like organic cotton cover incontinence pads and more. 


What is Urinary Incontinence?

I was shocked when my midwife told me that what I was experiencing was urinary incontinence. The uncomfortable and embarrassing truth is that while your body is doing extraordinary things, like creating a tiny human, the pressure of your growing baby and childbirth can cause weakened or damaged pelvic floor muscles. This is a recipe for a leaky bladder.  Urinary incontinence is a seldom talked about topic that affects one in three women during and/or after pregnancy. It’s so hushed that 50% of women experiencing it don’t even report it to their doctors. This condition can affect all pregnant women regardless of age or physical fitness. 

At the end of my first pregnancy, I was so exhausted with leaking, that I took matters into my own hands by creating a makeshift pad out of a large towel just to sleep at night. I remember laying in bed with the towel between my legs at 3am, all of 9 months pregnant, feeling so helpless. That was not fun, believe me. 

Going into my third pregnancy, I was more informed and knew what to expect. So, when I got pregnant with my third baby, I was ready to seek incontinence help with physical therapists and products. I’m now two weeks postpartum with my third baby and l can confirm that I’ll never return to the towel again! The incontinence pads are not meant to be used as postpartum pads so they’re best to use after using Honey Pot’s Postpartum Pads.  Honey Pot products have allowed me to go about my regular life with confidence enjoying both my pregnancy and my baby. 


Honey Pot Incontinence Products to the Rescue

Honey Pot is a plant-derived feminine care system that aims to cleanse, balance, and protect vaginas. The company uses the powerful healing magic of herbs in their products. When I heard their products were free of harmful chemicals and plant derived; I wanted to give them a try. Even though I preferred herbs in my pads, I loved that Honey Pot also included a non-herbal option for my pads as well. I have never used Honey Pot products before and I had not worn pads since postpartum from my last baby. So, I was a little skeptical about how comfortable wearing pads would feel again, especially pee dribbled pads. I know that once I am done with my postpartum pads, I can switch to their incontinence pads if I need them. Not only do their products work for me, but they are comfortable and smelled lovely, too. They smell of mint, lavender, and aloe, which was a welcome feeling.

Honey Pot’s new line of incontinence products includes three types of pads for varying levels of dribble from liners to overnight pads. After my postpartum bleeding is done, the liners and daytime pads will be great when I am out with the kids, running errands, or going to be doing some heavy house chores. The overnight pads will be great for resting comfortably.

In addition to the pads, I tried Honey Pot foaming wash and wipes. These are both sulfate and dioxide free. These helped add some extra cleanliness to my lady parts. The foaming wash is pH balanced to make sure things stay in order down there. And, the wipes are gentle enough to be used on your face too. And, the packaging is beautiful and clean.  


Take Back Control Over Your Bladder

It is common to experience urinary incontinence after giving birth or during pregnancy. We don’t have to suffer in silence. These are topics we should talk more openly about because speaking up will hopefully help someone else. Our bodies are capable of extraordinary things, and we don’t have to be ashamed of the changes that occur with pregnancy, childbirth, and motherhood. While physical therapy can help you gain control over your pelvic floor muscles again, using products like Honey Pot to help on a daily basis is game changing. As mothers we need all the things that ease our lives, free up time, and make us happy! Take care of you mama :)


With love,

Brenda Nicole Moorer